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Emergency Management PDF Print E-mail




Vision: Always Ready


Mission: Preparing Colorado's West Region communities to be resiliant in the face of all potential threats and hazards through coordination and collaboration.




The West All Hazard Emergency Management Region was originally established by Resolution in 1994 as a Regional Emergency Planning Committee under Title III (Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act) of the Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act (SARA) of 1986. This act required the establishment of Emergency Planning Districts/Committees that facilitate planning, training, exercise, and identification of resources for hazardous materials response.

There are also Emergency Planning Committees in each county in the region (based off this same act) that feed into the regional committee. Hazardous materials release is only one of the many scenarios that would likely require a regional response. Because of this, and the fact that response to many hazards requires the same capabilities (warning, evacuation, public information, etc), the original committees have broadened their scope to all hazards. The original regional Resolution is attached.

In February of 2005 by Executive Order #D013-03, the Governor of the State of Colorado established a regional planning map for the state for efforts of Homeland Security and Emergency Planning which identified and named each of the regions. Pursuant to this Executive Order, our six county region was name d the ‘West Region’.




Through collaboration and partnerships, the Board seeks to accomplish the following:

•               Assist agencies with evaluation of capabilities and inter-jurisdictional planning, training, and exercise.

•               Disseminate information in a timely manner to regional interests as it relates to these activities throughout the state.

•               Apply for and manage grant and other funding to accomplish identified goals and meet requirements.

•               Facilitate decision making regarding resource prioritization and grant allocation to achieve capability goals.

•               Communicate regularly with the Homeland Security Coordinator and Fiscal Agent as well as any members from the representative counties.




The West Region consists of an Executive Board, Planning Committee, and both standing and ad-hoc Subcommittees .

Executive Board

Delta, Gunnison, Hinsdale, Montrose, Ouray and San Miguel counties annually appoint an Emergency Management representative that serves as a member of the Executive Board for the West Region. The Colorado Division of Emergency Management West Region Field Manager, Homeland Security Coordinator, and any Municipal or District emergency manager and/or coordinator are identified as ex-officio members of the Executive Board. In the case of a vacancy due to the departure of an Emergency Management representative, The Board of County Commissioners from that county shall appoint a new representative.

Functions of the Executive Board

•               Conduct, review, assess, and approve capability and risk assessments conducted within the region.

•               Review and approve regional project priorities and, as necessary, budget modifications.

•               Apply for and manage grants to accomplish identified and prioritized goals.

•               Monitor Regional capability development (based on Federal Target Capability List).

•               Promote the incorporation and daily use of NIMS & ICS across the Region.

•               Monitor and assist with member agencies compliance with grant requirements such as equipment inventories (Colorado Connect), equipment monitoring requirements, National Incident Management System Compliance Assistance Support Tool (NIMSCAST), National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS), etc.

•               Adhere to and develop protocols for the proper use of federal grant funds to be utilized in the region for security, planning, exercises, training and equipment procurement.


Responsibilities of the Executive Board

•               The members shall timely perform such duties and take such actions as may time to time be required to conduct the business of the organization. To the best of their ability, the appointed Board member will provide representation for all of the responder agencies and organizations within the entity that he/she has been appointed to represent.

•               Term of Board Members: A Board member will maintain his/her position on the WAHEMR Board until that appointment is terminated or changed by the represented entity.

•               Compensation: No member will receive compensation for their services as Members; however, members may be reimbursed for travel and lodging if such travel is pertinent to board activities, has been approved by the Board and funds are available for such purpose.

•               Withdrawal by Member: Any member may withdraw upon written notice to the Board with advisory notice to the representative county. Any member may be terminated, expelled, or suspended for actions deemed unethical or illegal under the generally recognized regulations governing public officials, upon 2/3 majority votes of members in attendance.



Planning Committee


The Planning Committee consists of the Executive Board as well as representatives of the Emergency Support Functions from each county. One member may represent multiple functions and agencies. The Emergency Support Functions include: Transportation, Communications, Public Works, Firefighting, Emergency Management, Human Services, Resource Support, Public Health, Mental Health, Search and Rescue, Hazardous Materials Response, Natural Resources, Energy, Public Safety and Security, Long Term Recovery and Mitigation and External Affairs.

Responsibilities of the Planning Committee

The primary role of Planning Committee Members is to participate in the all hazard planning process to assure agency and/or discipline representation. Planning Committee members may also be asked to serve in other capacities such as subcommittee members and/or as subject matter experts.

Standing Subcommittees

Sub-committees are established by the Chairperson to facilitate certain tasks. Currently, there are two standing subcommittee’s for the West Region:

1              Communications Subcommittee

2              Public Education/Emergency Notification Subcommittee




Executive Board Meetings

Meetings of the Board shall be held once per month on the third Thursday of the month. The time of the meeting may be at 1:00 or as determined by the Board. Notice of meeting shall be given to all Executive Board members and ex-officio members not less than three days prior to the meeting date. Currently, the Board will meet in Montrose as the central location in the region. The Board may hold its meetings at such place or places, within the geographical area of the membership, as it may choose.


Planning Committee Meetings

Meetings of the Planning Committee shall be held as needed for workshops and planning meetings. Currently, meetings are schedule every quarter starting the month of February (1st quarter), May (2nd quarter) August (3rd quarter) and November (4th quarter). The Planning Committee will usually meet in Montrose, Colorado as well. The Board may hold these meetings at such place or places, within the geographical area of the membership, as it may choose.


Subcommittee Meetings

Subcommittee Meetings or other special meetings of the Board may be called at the request of the Chair of the Executive Board. Subcommittee Meetings shall be at a place and time as the Chair may determine.


Quorum and Manner of Acting

A quorum for the Executive Board shall consist of not less than 51% (3 members) representation of the Executive Board, except as otherwise provided by statute or by these Bylaws. A quorum is necessary for all decisions of the Board and may be achieved by electronic means or over a telephone as necessary. An affirmative simple majority vote by the Board members at any meeting at which a quorum is present is required to approve any action by the Board shall be deemed to be an act of the Board. In the absence of a quorum, a majority of the Board present may adjourn any meeting, and reconvene once a quorum is assembled, without giving further notice. All matters not covered by these By-Laws shall be governed by Robert’s Rules of Order.


Transactions of the Board

The Board may authorize any officer of the Board to enter into a contract or to execute and to deliver any instrument in the name of and on behalf of the Board. A record of proceedings of meetings of the Board shall be kept in the form of meeting minutes. All minutes, once approved by the Board, shall be retained by the Homeland Security Coordinator, as Secretary for the Board. The Board may accept on behalf of the region, any grants, gifts, bequests, or devise for the general purpose or for a specific purpose of the Board.




The following officers shall be elected by the Executive Board to ensure that business is conducted professionally and without interruption. Officer terms shall be held no less than two years. If, for any reason, an election is required prior to the end of an officer’s term, a special election will be held by the Executive Board and a new officer voted in by a quorum vote. Elections shall be held in January in an election year.


The Chairperson shall assume all duties normally associated with that office. He or she shall, when present, preside at all meetings of the Board. He or she shall ensure that all orders and resolutions of the Board are properly implemented; and, with the proper authorization by the Board, shall execute and deliver necessary documents and contracts in the name of the Board. The Chairperson shall hold office for no less than two years. The Chairperson shall be the appointed representative to the State All Hazards Advisory Committee.


Vice Chairperson

Shall assist the Chair and carry out duties as prescribed by the Chairperson and/or the Executive Board. In the absence of the Chairperson, the Vice Chairperson shall preside at meetings of the Board. The Vice Chairperson shall hold office for no less than two years.


Homeland Security Coordinator

The Homeland Security Coordinator shall conduct the day-to-day business as a representative agent for the region based upon the direction and guidance of the Executive Board. He/she will ensure that all actions are pursued with a regional viewpoint and approach. The Coordinator will serve as the region’s primary liaison for all regional actions and subject areas to include homeland security grants and requirements, operations, planning, training coordination, exercise planning/execution, risk and capability assessments. He/she will support the Chairperson and Vice Chairperson as needed to execute regional business.


Bylaws Adoption/Amendment

The minutes of the meeting at which a final vote of adoption is taken shall record the vote and, if required vote is achieved, shall serve in lieu of the signatures of voting members.

These Bylaws may be amended by a minimum of 2/3 affirmative votes of the Executive Board membership after a proposed amendment has been presented at a regular or special West All Hazard Emergency Management Executive Board meeting.

Approved and adopted by the Executive Board of the West All Hazard Emergency Management Region this 30th day of June, 2011.

//Original Signed//

Scott Morrill, Chairperson


Jennifer Dinsmore, Vice Chairperson

1994 Regional Emergency Planning Committee Resolution


WHEREAS, ____________________County, to protect lives and property, recognizes hazardous materials spills and releases as potentially harmful to lives, property, the environment, and economic viability; and

WHEREAS, The Colorado General Assembly has declared the implementation of the federal "Emergency Planning and Community Right-To-Know Act of 1986" (24-32-2601 CRS), 42 U.S.C. sec 11001 et seq, Title III of the federal "Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act of 1986", P.L. 99-499, is a matter of state concern; and

WHEREAS, The Colorado Emergency Planning Commission (hereinafter "Commission") has designated ____________________County as having Local Emergency Planning Committee; and

WHEREAS, Title III of the Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act of 1986 requires emergency planning committees to establish procedures for the receiving requests from the public for information about and/or copies of emergency response plans, material safety data sheet and chemical inventory forms; and

WHEREAS, none of the undersigned entities, their officers or employees waive governmental immunity by participation in this agreement or actives conducted pursuant to it; and

WHEREAS, the performance of local emergency planning committee activities can best be carried out on a multi-jurisdictional, regional basis;

NOW THEREFORE it is hereby agreed that ____________________County will enter into a Regional Emergency Planning Committee with Delta, Montrose, Gunnison, Ouray and Hinsdale Counties.

REPC responsibilities Attached.

APPROVED by the Board of Commissioners of ____________________County, Colorado, at its regular meeting on ___________________. ____________________County Board of Commissioners

By: _________________________________


By: ________________________________ Documentation Creating A Hazardous Materials Regional Emergency Planning Committee (REPC)



(To Satisfy, at least in part, Sara Title III Requirements)

Proposed membership includes the following Counties:

•               Gunnison

•               Montrose

•               Delta

•               San Miguel

•               Ouray


• Hinsdale And other invited agencies and public groups


1. Purpose and scope

2. Participation

3. Committee Meeting Schedule and Location

4. Concept of Operations

5. Funding


ATTACHMENT County/ Municipality Resolution



1) The purpose in forming a Regional Emergency Planning Committee (REPC) is two-fold; a) To facilitate the development or improvement of plans, training levels, and response team proficiency, within the participating jurisdictions, to respond safely and cope adequately with hazardous material spills or releases; and b) To fulfill certain requisite responsibilities of a "Local Emergency Planning Committee" (LEPC) on a regional basis and to assist and advise local jurisdictions in fulfilling those LEPC functions that must remain primarily with the local county or municipal authorities. 2) Scope (Definition of Regional and Local Responsibilities --Section references are to SARA Title III); a) REPC Responsibilities i) Appoint a chairperson and other officers, and establish rules by which the committee will function. Sec 301 (c) ii) Review, upon request, local emergency response plans, prepared by the respective participating jurisdictions, particularly as they pertain to fixed facilities which hold or use quantities over the planning threshold of material on the extremely hazardous substance list. Sec 303 (a) iii) Make recommendations, as appropriate, regarding the development, implementation, and exercise of emergency response plans of each jurisdiction. Sec 303 (b) iv) Assist local jurisdictions in developing mutual aid agreements, design and conduct of response exercises, and through sponsoring or scheduling regional training programs. Sec 303 (b) b) Local Jurisdiction "LEPC" Responsibilities; i) Receive notice/names of facility emergency coordinators and complete a local hazardous materials response plan. Sec 303 (a) and (d) (1) ii) Conduct and annual emergency response review to assist in assuring the necessary resources to

implement and exercise the emergency response plan. Sec 303 (a) and (b) iii) Receive and document facility release notifications and written follow-up information. Sec 304 (b) iv) Receive Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), other lists of hazardous chemicals used by facilities,

and hazardous chemical inventory forms. Sec 311 (a) (1) and 312 (a) v) Make information, which is in the possession of the LEPC, available to the public, and respond to citizen's request for additional facility data. Sec 312 (e) (1)(3) and 324 (a)


vi) Publish an annual notice informing the public of the location where the emergency response plans, MSDS and inventory forms are available for public review. Sec 324 (b)

vii) May be authorized to take necessary actions (including civil actions) against those facilities that fail to provide the necessary information to prepare emergency response plans. Sec 326 (a) (2) (B)


COUNTIES and MUNICIPALITIES. Each county and municipality may be represented by no more than four (4) Commissioner appointed representatives. Lower risk, smaller counties might choose to have but one. (See attached Resolution to participate)

•               Montrose County • Gunnison County

•               Delta County • San Miguel County

•               Ouray County • Hinsdale County


(Municipalities may directly participate or be represented by the County)

Other agencies; (Number shown is the suggested maximum representation of the REPC. These members would be solicited and chosen by the Committee members representing the governmental jurisdictions)

•               State Highway Patrol (1)

•               U.S. Forest Service

•               Hospital Emergency Room and Medical Clinics (2)

•               Grand Junction Hazmat (1)

•               U.S. Park Service (1)


Media (1)

Bureau of Land Management (1)

• Colorado Department of Transportation


•               Public Interest or Environmental Organizations (1)

•               Bureau of Reclamation (1)


MEETING SCHEDULE and LOCATION. Meetings of full REPC scheduled regularly on a quarterly basis, usually in Montrose. (The tasks of noticing meetings, mailings to members, and any minor administrative expenses associated with Committee meetings and dissemination of information might be rotated quarterly or annually between the counties and major municipal participants. These issues should be resolved and incorporated along with other operation rules in a set of by-laws.)


REPC meeting agendas will be driven by the guiding purpose which is to help continually to improve the capabilities of the participating jurisdictions to cope with hazardous material incidents within their areas. Committee members may be expected to review response plans and provide advice, design and help control or evaluate an exercise, make liaison visits to other agencies to gain technical or other information, respond to public inquiry, participate in resolving problems presented by other members, etc.


Sub-Committees may be formed to plan or facilitate specific projects such as exercises, mutual aid agreements, joint training programs, etc.


Participating organizations would pay per diem and travel for members attending REPC and Sub-Committee meetings.

Committee administrative tasks such as meeting notices, information mail-outs, meeting summary preparation and filing, and other minor tasks would be rotated on a regular basis between the counties and fully participating municipalities.

Costs of sponsoring regional training session or joint exercise would be borne on a pro rate basis according to the number of students or participants from each jurisdiction.




Directing State Departments Responsible for Public Safety to Adopt a Single Regional Planning Map for Emergency Management and Response 

Pursuant to the authority vested in the Office of the Governor of the State of Colorado, I, Bill Owens, Governor of the State of Colorado, hereby issue this Executive Order directing state departments to recognize and adopt a single regional planning and operations map for purposes of emergency management and response. 

1. Background and Purpose.

State and local governments must continue to improve their ability to respond to public safety threats. To that end, it is imperative that different levels of government are able to cooperate with one another in emergency management and response efforts. In Colorado, various state agencies are responsible for different aspects of public health and safety. These agencies have created and adopted numerous maps dividing the state into different regions for public health and safety purposes. Undoubtedly, local governments have experienced a similar development. This results in incompatible maps that could cause confusion among state and local agencies and require public health and safety managers to participate in redundant planning efforts. In order to ensure efficient emergency management, this Executive Order creates a single regional planning and operations map. This will enable state and local agencies to work together to provide integrated and cooperative emergency services to the citizens of Colorado.  The Colorado General Assembly recommended that such a map be adopted through House Resolution 03-1018 and the following organizations have already agreed to adopt the single regional planning and operations map: Colorado Counties Incorporated, the Colorado Municipal League, the Colorado State Fire Chief’s Association, the Colorado Association of Chiefs of Police, the County Sheriff’s of Colorado, the Emergency Medical Services Association of Colorado, and the Colorado Emergency Management Association. Through this Executive Order, I set forth the single regional planning and operations map and direct all state departments to recognize and adopt this map. To ensure a congruent system, I urge local agencies to adopt this map for emergency management and response purposes. 

2. Mission.

I hereby order all state departments that are responsible for public health and safety to recognize and adopt the single regional planning and operations map for purposes of emergency management and response. The map shall be divided into the following nine regions:

1)Northwest: Eagle, Garfield, Grand, Jackson, Mesa, Moffat, Pitkin, Rio Blanco,

1.     Routt, and Summit Counties. 2)Northeast: Cheyenne, Larimer, Lincoln, Logan, Kit Carson, Morgan, Phillips,

2.     Sedgwick, Washington, Weld and Yuma Counties.

3.     Northcentral: Adams, Arapahoe, Boulder, Broomfield, Clear Creek, Denver, Douglas, Elbert, Gilpin and Jefferson Counties.






3)Southcentral: Chaffee, El Paso, Lake, Park and Teller Counties. 4)West: Delta, Gunnison, Hinsdale, Montrose, Ouray and San Miguel Counties. 5)Southwest: Archuleta, Dolores, La Plata, Montezuma and San Juan Counties.

4.San Luis: Alamosa, Conejos, Costilla, Mineral, Rio Grande and Saguache Counties. 6)South: Custer, Fremont, Huerfano, Las Animas and Pueblo Counties. 7)Southeast: Baca, Bent, Crowley, Kiowa, Otero and Prowers Counties.


3. Duration.

This Executive Order shall remain in force until modified or terminated by further executive order of the Governor.

GIVEN under my hand and the Executive Seal of the State of Colorado, this ____ day of July, 2003. /s/Original Signed Bill Owens Governor