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Dallas Divide

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Welcome to the West All Hazard Emergency Management Region website.  The West Region consists of six Western Slope counties: Delta, Gunnison, Hinsdale, Montrose, Ouray, and San Miguel. The West Region is one of nine All Hazards Emergency Management Regions in the State of Colorado established by Executive Order in 2004 by Governor Owens.

These "regions" are contiguous counties with similar attributes that have been grouped together to facilitate collaborative planning for the prevention, protection, response, and recovery from both man-made and natural hazards that could affect the population, infrastructure, economy, and environment. This planning effort stems from implementation of legislation at both the federal, state, and local level.

Project development, planning, and coordination for the Region is facilitated by the six county's Emergency Managers, who make up the Executive Board. The Region promotes collaborative preparedness among a wide range of partners within the region to include: emergency management, law enforcement, fire services, public health, special districts, emergency medical services, hospital organizations, public works, communications, the private sector, and charity/non-governmental organizations such as the American Red Cross, as well as many others. To increase regional preparedness, general goals of the West All Hazard Emergency Management Region are to:


  • Improve inter-jurisdictional and intergovernmental communication and coordination.
  • Improve emergency response capability through planning, training, exercise, and equipment procurement.
  • Represent the interests and uniqueness of our region to our state and federal partners.
  • Secure and manage funding to appropriate guidelines.
  • Assist with threat and hazard identification and mitigation efforts.
  • Encourage members of the public to prepare for emergency situations.
  • Advocate for volunteerism.


Regional planning efforts are sponsored by the following Department of Homeland Security Grants: State Homeland Security Grant Program, Interoperable Emergency Communications Grant Program, and the Citizen Corps Grant Program. County Emergency Management personnel are partially sponsored by the Colorado Division of Emergency Management: Emergency Management Performance Grant, which is matched by their respective counties. More detailed information on all of these grant programs can be found on the Grants page. For specific projects undertaken by the region, please see the Current Projects page.